About Us  

About Us:

Amberdaze Poodles is the home of GCH Sosherr Bonheurs Little Bit of Sunshine, AKA Loula,  and her son GCH Amberdaze Big Trouble In Little Lima, AKA Loki.  Loula is the third and Loki is the fifth  of only six apricot Grand Champion Miniature Poodles registered with AKC as of 2015.   

Our poodles are raised in our home and are part of our family.  Loula retired from the show ring in October of 2014 to start the second part of her life as a mother. Her first litter was born on December 28, 2014. Her second  litter was born 1/7/17. 


Loula retired on 10/20/14.  These are her accomplishments for  2014 AKC Miniature Poodles:

 #1. Grand Champion New York State,  

#14 Grand Champion in the Country, 

#4. National Owner-Handler Miniature Poodle, 

 #1 Apricot Grand Champion in the Country. 

Loki began his show career on June 28, 2015.  

He achieved his Championship after 8 show days at 6 months of age on July 25, 2015

He achieved his Grand Championship in two months at 8 months of age September 24, 2015

He is the  #1 Grand Champion Miniature Poodle in New York State for 2015. 


All the required health testing for Loula is done and the results are available upon request.

All the required health testing for Loki is done and the results are  available upon request.

Contact:  Phone: 585-451-5324  ~  Email: amberdazepoodles@gmail.com ~ Jean Lacey, PO Box 54, Lima, NY 1448