Puppy Application 2018

Amberdaze Poodles Puppy Application 2018



Name: _________________________________________________


Street: _________________________________________________


City: __________________ State:  ________ Zip Code: _________


Home Phone: _________________ Cell Phone: ________________


Email Address: ____________________________________________


How did you find out about my puppies?



Why are you purchasing a puppy?



Why have you selected a poodle as your new dog?




The hair on poodles never stops growing so they need frequent professional grooming.  They also require routine medical care, and premium dog food to function at their best.  Are you financially able and willing to meet these needs?



Do you prefer a male or female puppy or have no preference?



Are there other animals in your home and if so, what kind and how many?



If you had a dog before, what kind was it and what happened to it?



Describe your home and neighborhood.




Do you have a fenced in yard?



Describe your family.






Are you willing to take your puppy to class for obedience and socialization, and perhaps other areas of training?  If not, explain.



If you work full time how will you provide for the care of your puppy if you are away for too long? 



Please provide contact information below for two references, one being your vet and one your groomer.  If you have not had a pet, list two other references are who are not related to you. 








Please use this area for any additional information or comments you wish to provide:






My puppies are raised in a family environment with a 7 year old child, two dogs, a cat and two adults.  Stimulation exercises are provided from birth and grooming will be started early. The pups will be well socialized and ready for a new family.


I will confirm receipt of this completed application.  When puppies have been confirmed I will notify you.  When the puppies have been born I will notify you.   if you are to receive a puppy  I will notify you and accept a deposit at that time. Please call, text or email me to discuss the cost of the puppy and deposit.  


Signature ___________________________ Date __________



After you complete this application make a copy for your records then mail, email or text this form to:




Jean Lacey ~ PO Box 54 ~ Lima, NY 14485


Call 585-451-5324 for questions or concerns